Undergraduate Student Counseling and Reception Hours

I am the counselor for 1st year undergraduate students in Computer science. Due to the COVID19 situation, all reception hours will be held online via zoom (click the calendar event below to see the link to join). Please send me an email if you intend to show up (it helps if I'm expecting you), and check this page again for changes just before you come.

Upcoming Reception hours


Reception hours are held online. See the calendar event above for a link to the meeting.

Who should attend my office hours?

  • First year CS students, or those who are repeating the first year who need help with the program / schedule (2nd year students can talk to the 2nd year counselor students other programs like Engineering, Bioinformatics, Internet and Society, Betzalel and CS, Talpiot, etc. should talk to talk to the counselor for their program).
  • Students who are enrolled in a course that I am teaching and would like to discuss the material or some other related personal problem.

If you are interested in my research or if you are looking for a Masters or a PhD advisor please email me directly to set up a different time.

Other resources that can help before you come